Mobile Payments

Accept payments on the go using your smartphone or tablet.

Online Payments

Start accepting payments online today with IputechPay’s custom pages.

Recurring Payments

Set your own payment schedules and save money while you make money.

Electronic Invoicing

Email electronic invoice from your phone, tablet or online with a Pay Now link.

With IputechPay’s leading merchant services, you can now pull ahead of the competition and put your credit card processing into the digital fast lane.

By speeding up your payment activity over safe and secure connections, your reporting becomes more streamlined and efficient, meaning you always know when your transactions are complete. The features of our custom-developed system ensure your unique business needs are always in line, leaving you and your staff free to cater to your clientele and guide your business to greater success. Credit card processing through IputechPay will simplify your approach to successful and timely payment activity because each transaction occurs in a terminal dedicated only to credit cards. By merging all of your electronic payments into a single service, you have a strong and efficient management tool at your disposal. With IputechPay, you can conduct accurate and easy credit card processing from the safety of the worry-free zone.

Receiving Card Payments Through Our Merchant Services

IputechPay’s credit card processing services allow you to maximize your accounting potential through a variety of innovative solutions. With this accurate and simple payment platform, your business reaps the benefits of these options and more:
  • Capture real-time card transactions in card-present situations with your swipe-card reader
  • Easily add non-card-present transaction ability with phone access or our online virtual terminal
  • Formalize your recurring payment plans and automatically charge your client’s credit card
  • Accept secure web-based payments from IputechPay’s secure and controlled website
  • Integrate credit card processing into your device applications through our premium API and web services
  • Instantly upgrade your existing merchant account to accept IputechPay credit card processing
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IputechPay Register is the perfect point-of-sale system, available in the App Store and Google Play. It’s designed to run on a smartphone or tablet, on your counter or on the go.

Grow your business

IputechPay Register is the point of sale that takes care of digital receipts, inventory, and sales reports and provides valuable analytics and feedback—so you can focus on your customers.

Powerful enough for anyone

IputechPay Register serves businesses big and small, from corner bakeries to retailers around the world. It works with hardware and software accessories that make it easier to run your business.

Upgrades automatically

We’re constantly improving with free updates that equip you with great new features to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Payment API
There are many payment interfaces. such as Credit Card Payments, Capture or Reverse a Payment, Split-Shipment, and more.